Monday, 29 February 2016

Saleforce Backup Tool

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As a developer/admin we should take backup of our salesforce org on daily basis. As a developer needs to maintain the backup of code i.e. Apex Classes, Visualforce Pages, Apex triggers, Email templates etc. It is difficult and monotonous to take and maintain backup. There are various tools and options available for developer/admin to take backup. One can use eclipse --> create a project and can refresh the project daily and can maintain backup by copying and storing project source in drive or one can just copy paste code and store that in a file. Both these tasks are tedious as these takes some time and efforts.

Being a developer it was difficult for me to maintain backup of my code, to make this process of backup and maintenance easier, I have created an Java based tool(desktop application) named "One Click Backup". To run this tool you just need java runtime environment(1.8 or higher). This tool will help you to take backup of Apex Classes, Visualforce Pages, Apex triggers, Email templates and visualforce component with one click, it will create a folder with the current date and time and will also create sub folder containing all the code.

I will give you small demo to take backup and schedule backup for a salesforce org. If you don't have java then you can download and install 1.8 version or higher, and run the app.

Provide username, password and security token(if IP address is not white-listed) , select the options for which you want to take backup and click on "Backup" button. If correct details are provided a folder will be created where the software is stored in memory. 
If you want to take backup of sandbox and if you want to set destination of backup file then you can change the settings.

Once backup is taken successfully you can view the contents as shown in the image displayed.

A user can even schedule a backup, to schedule a backup go to settings --> Schedule backup.
Provide the details, select schedule time and backup and click on schedule button, once schedule is successful you can close the app and backup will be taken at specified time daily.

You can download this app from :

You are free to contact me,,

I hope this tool will help you take and maintain backup.
Provide your valuable feedback.

Nitin Chandwani


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