Monday, 6 August 2018

Fitness Tracker for Salesforce Health Cloud

Hi All,
As you know Health Cloud product from Salesforce is a great patient management and care software/package. Its a leading product in healthcare industry. As this is widely used all over world, I started making something useful around it.

As todays life daily exercise is very important. Almost all doctors recommend patients to have a walk, run daily and track their activity. For tracking this, people use different tracking tools and devices like Fitness Band is most popular. Fitness Band comes from various companies. In my demo, I am going to use MI Fitness Band integration. Thanks MI for making this beautiful stuff.

Case Study

John is a Care Taker at iBS healthcare organization. He maintains 50+ patients daily. His mainly job to keep track of patients daily fitness activity like
Distance Covered
Calories Burned
Duration (Spent on activity)

He generally ask his patients to send their daily fitness activity by WhatsApp on mobile. Then John arranges them, read values, fill in system. Sometimes he forget the sequence and sometimes patients forget to send that data to him. This is becoming very hectic job for John.

Solution Proposed

Isn't it very useful if John get all the fitness activity details on the Patient Timeline for each patient he manages? Sounds fantastic! Now, John simply needs to open patient detail screen and go to Timeline, and he can see the patient related Fitness Activity like Steps, Distance, Calories, Duration at one place and all updated instantly. This is second major feature for which John is exited about. He does not need to wait till end of day to get all patient fitness data. Whenever he wants the patient Fitness Data, he simply go to Timeline and check it. Its so simple. John life is easy :)

How It Works

As a Salesforce Architect, working at iBirds , Me and my team have developed many tools around salesforce echo system for helping industry and community. Here is how we developed this, step by step.

Using Google Fit Connector for Salesforce

ibirds has recently developed one Google Fit Connector for Salesforce App. We are going to launch it shortly. This connector periodically fetch google fit data from user's account and store in a fitness activity object in Health Cloud. We can schedule the fetch mechanism or refresh manually as well. Thanks Google for this great application which helps users to keep up to date with their fitness data.

Enable MI Fitness Band Sync to Google Fit

This is a manual step. There is config settings in MI App, that you can send fitness data sync to external system like Google Fit.

Health Cloud Timeline setup for Fitness Activity

There is a great tutorial on trailhead about adding your custom patient data (object) on patient timeline. Check here

We used our Fitness Activity custom object which having MI Fitness band data. It keeps all patient data up to date. We are having a patient/account relationship already in that so that health cloud timeline supports it.

We can also show Fitness Card like this on left side under patient info.

Or we can show this on dashboard as a scrollable timeline plugin using Timeline View Configuration as below

Or we can show this under patient card as data using Patient Card Configuration as below

Or on Fitness Activity Detail screen like this

So, once all setup, now John easily navigate to their patients records in Health Cloud and open their record. And all info related to his patient fitness, he can see easily at single glance.

Checkout a small screencast.

Thanks for Salesforce, for making such good products which helps people on a daily basis.

Email/Tweet me for any clarification needed and enhancement suggestions here.

Aslam Bari


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