Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Connect Blogger to Salesforce - CMS

Hello All,

Before starting on the connecting blogger with salesforce I would like to highlight about what actually salesforce cms and some of its use cases.

Salesforce CMS is very simple and powerful tool.With the help of salesforce CMS user can create,manage and deliver content. It also help translation and mutlilanguage. Salesforce CMS is hybird cms, which enables us to centeralize content on a location. And embed other cms system (wordpress,drupal,blogger) data into salesforce. These systems data will be managed on the respective system itself and will reflect into salesforce.

How to connect Blogger with Salesforce:  We will use CMS connect with JSON here to connect Blogger with the salesforce.

Whitelist URL: CMS connect use CORS (Cross origin resource sharing) to access external data. we need to whitlelist public api url in the CORS and CSP both.

base url for google apis: https://www.googleapis.com

Open CMS Content for the community in which we want to show blogger data.

Click on the CMS connect and then click on the new button to create new connection.

Enter following information in the connection details section:

Name : This will be used to identify the connection, like name of any record in salesforce
CMS Source: Other (we can select any other available to make connection with them)
Connection type: Public (we are using public api with a public key)
Server URL: https://www.googleapis.com  (Make sure you have added it in the CORS and CSP)

Click on the add JSON button below in the popup. And give it a readable name.

Enter following information in the content item section. This will be used to read individual content item in the community.

Name: Blog Item
Path: blogger/v3/blogs/5011517723534616475/posts/{component}?key=AIzaSyA0ykuQ9XoVr1Q1rLYuWV8g4VUGVNJoC9E
Id Path: Field Name or Path to use as unique identifier of the content item.
Titile Path: Filed Name or path to display as title for this content item.

In the path url '5011517723534616475' is the blog id from where I will fetch my content.
{component} is used to pass component url dynamically, to make relative url in the community
key is provided by the google.  Click here to get your key from google.

Enter following information in the content list section. This will be used to fetch list of all content items.

Name: Blog Feed (It can be any relatable name)
Path: blogger/v3/blogs/5011517723534616475/posts?key=AIzaSyA0ykuQ9XoVr1Q1rLYuWV8g4VUGVNJoC9E&fetchBodies=true&maxResults=50&fetchImages=true
Node Path: items

Click on the save button. Now we need to put our dynamic content on the community.

Go to builder and drag and drop CMS connect (JSON) component on the community page where we want to display content.
Configure the following properties to display dynamic content list.

Below this we need to configure some JSON keys to display data. We can check public key by hitting the below url in the browser. This url is combination of server url (https://www.googleapis.com) and the path we put in the content list section.

Configuration for content list item layout.

Click on the save button and you can see dynamic data in component you dropped. You can publish or preview community and see all dynamic data from blogger to salesforce.

See the live demo here.

If you have any suggestion feel free to reach me out on twitter or linkedin.

Arpit vijayvergiya
Certified Salesforce Consulant


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